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Hotelemed is a service that allows immediate medical care for you, your family, and employees day or night.
If a medical condition arises, a doctor can be reached right away.
Whether it is just a simple question about your health, or you need a prescription refilled to an unfortunate development of an illness or an injury… Hotelemed is there to help you with your medical needs.


Simple registration & login
With a simple registration, and log in, you can begin receiving care without leaving your hotel.  You can consult a physician securely via video, phone, or email.  A WIFI connection is recommended, but not required.


All care is covered during your stay
All of the care delivered by our staff is covered during your hotel stay.  No matter how long you communicate with us, how often, or how many medical needs we care for during your stay at the hotel.  Expect to receive complete medical care from highly trained specialists 24 hours a day without having to leave your hotel.